A-camping we will go

Tiff and I made a small purchase this weekend.. a 2001 Coachman Clipper travel trailer.

We managed to get pretty wet at Raystown this year. We had at least one thunderstorm every night this year (except Saturday). Friday night it literally rained all night, and started dripping on us around 01:00; not fun. So we decided to get a pop-up camper.

We got quite a deal on this one - it's practically brand new and has a lot of options: 3-way fridge, heater, A/C, sleeps 6 (5 comfortably). We spent all afternoon and early evening cleaning it up, but it even looks brand new now. Tiff and I are really excited - hopefully we can take it on some short trips around the area to make sure everything is good, then hopefully down camping w/ [Dennis] and Michele sometime in August.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning out the garage. Not really cleaning out, per se, but organizing. I have a pair of 8' tall shelving units that were a disaster - parts and tools laying all over the place. Not to mention that our chest freezer frequently acted as my project table (which is quite annoying when you want something out of it).

I purchased an organizer unit (one of those things w/ lots of pull-out little drawers) which helped clean up a bunch of stuff around the shelves. I then reorganized my tools so they're at waist level and don't require you to bend down to get into stuff. I put up a pegboard to hang tools on as well, but haven't been able to use it yet since I need the pegs. Finally I built a project table that attaches to the side of the shelving out of some MDF I had laying around from redoing my wiring closet. I think it looks much better and maybe someone else could actually find something if they needed it.

Tiff and I go for our prenatal appointment today - hopefully we'll get our first baby picture today!