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Purchase List Jared

Money towards savings account
Walmart Gift Certificates
Target Gift Certificates




Purchase List Tiff

Gift Certificates:

  • Outback
  • Longhorn
  • CJ's Massage on Walnut Bottom Road, Newville-Relaxation or Hot Stone
  • Dutrey's/Appalacian Running Shoe Store
  • Casses Chiropractic

Victoria Secret:

  • Amber Romance Body Spray

Comfort Research Classic Vinyl Bean Bags-Amazon.com for school

  • Two Orange
  • Two Lime
  • Two Purple

Zumba Fitness: Join the Party-Rated E for the Wii-Amazon.com

Movies on DVD and/or Blue Ray:

  • Mulan and Mulan 2
  • Monsters Inc.

Staples® Power Extreme Electric Pencil Sharpener for school

  • Item: 356332    Model: 21834      $49.99

3 ringed-hole punch to use at home

Errings: Colored Studs

  • brown
  • teal
  • clear
  • white
  • orange
  • maroon/burgandy

How to Train Your Dragon:

  • Toothless the Dragon T-shirt and Sweatshirt (With or Without a Hood) Size XL
  • Toothless Socks



Purchase List Jocelyn

Money towards savings account
Walmart Gift Certificates
Target Gift Certificate

Birthday Ideas:

By International Playthings:

Wonder Beads Star Case $15.00

Wonder Beads Mini Playset $10.00

By Spin Masters:

Pixos Micros Refills for Wonder Beads $13.00




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Gift Cards

Red Robin
Amazon Wishlist
Musician's Friend Wishlist


see Amazon Wishlist




24' Fiberglass Extension Ladder - $220 Home Depot


Aperature Science Water Bottle $13
1-Wire Rain Gauge $99
1-Wire Anemometer $225
Z-Wave Motion Sensor - $60 x2
Wood Stove Monitoring


Red Dead Redemption for PS3 - Amazon $27
Steam Wishlist

Expensive Toys ($100+)

AR.Drone 2.0 Blue/Orange $300 - home surveilance/checking
FitBit Aria Wifi Scale $130
Logitech Harmony 700 - Amazon $100
Cheap-ish electric guitar - Guitar Center $120
Kenwood THD72 $500
Lyrique Bb Custom RCP-576bc clarinet w/ mouthpiece  - $1000