Mozdev status update

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Mozdev status update for W26-2008

Semi-busy week with not much to show for it:

The big thing for this week will be trying to get FCKeditor working with the mediawiki syntax; Independence Day is this Friday for the USA so I'll be offline then.

Mozdev status update for W25-2008

Getting back into the swing of things after vacation.

  • Updating Mozdev bugzilla bug entry form - this is ready to go into production to help making requests to Mozdev easier
  • Handling Firefox 3 release server load - the Firefox 3 release caused lots of additional web traffic to in a number of ways; people trying to get news about Firefox 3 (some projects host translations of Mozilla software) and additional update requests for extensions and search plugins caused by lots of people restarting their browsers in a short period of time. I added caching to a number of pages during this time to try to reduce the impact on the server.
  • Fixed XPI file sorting on Project Overview page
  • Trying to improve wiki formatting at Mozdev - I'm evaluating both using straight HTML for the wiki as well as FCKeditor w/ a mediawiki plugin. I'm leaning towards the latter right now, but the various plugins need some work.
  • Investigating linking Mailman and Forums - Currently the plugins require a separate email account to check for new messages and I'm not sure who should be responsible for setting up/maintaining this account (Mozdev or the project owner).
  • Updated VCS log to include link to a file's log history

This week I plan to continue working on improving Mozdev's wiki editing capability and look towards how pam_mysql can be configured to allow file uploads at Mozdev.

Mozdev status update for W24-2008

Short week last week due to vacation.

We're expecting Mercurial to be released soon at Mozdev; we'll be sure to post an update once it's released.

Mozdev status update for W23-2008

I'm heading to Raystown Lake (PA) tomorrow, so I don't plan to get too much accomplished this week (some more work on the bugzilla guided entry page, most likely).

Mozdev status update for W22-2008

  • OSCon/Firefox Summit planning - got my flights booked and applied for my passport
  • Styling hgweb - I'm trying to get our hgweb instance styled better but am running into problems modifying Mercurial themes (maps)
  • Sponsor work
  • New VCS log RSS feed - This one now works with CVS, Mercurial, and eventually SVN
  • Lots of unit test improvements for various parts of the Mozdev templating system
  • Cleaned up feedback page to recommend project owners file bugs for change requests so we can track problems better

I didn't get nearly as much accomplished last week w.r.t. Mercurial, but we're still making good progress. I need to update the VCS logs that are generated on the /source.html pages and create a new source.html template that includes instructions for mercurial. I also need to write a bunch of docs, but have a fairly good template setup for what needs done.

Mozdev status update W21-2008, sysadmin meeting minutes for 2008-05-27

Participating: davidwboswell (David Boswell), ericjung (Eric Jung), gjm (Gerry Murphy), silfreed (Doug Warner)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed developer priorities

  • improved bugzilla Mac OS X detection by adding more versions to OS list
  • worked with ccaygill of Mycroft to get HTTP header problem fixed that prevented downloads in IE7
  • started styling hg web interface; need some help from Mercurial devs to fix some problems w/ themeing
  • some more sponsor work
  • integrating cvs database logging and hg/svn database logging in various tools
  • updated multi-VCS-capable RSS feed should go live today (ex:
  • OSCon/Summit planning/prep
  • found some bugs in both downloads.MD.o and the update.rdf generation that the Brief project ran into; helped them work-around the problem for now and put them on the back-burner
  • agenda for this week includes styling the hg web interface and figuring out what can be done about the /source.html for projects that begin using hg
  • we should start figuring out how to coordinate the deploy of hg to production; there's going to be a number of steps so it would be good to go over them in advance and work out any problems before we try it
  • we should look more into mod_wsgi since the port should be available now; it'll save a lot of CPU compared to running as CGI

Discussed sysadmin priorities

  • some bots were active on the site last week; configuration was changed several times to try to prevent them from affecting the site again
  • some planning on a better shared-hosting setup
  • helping a project troubleshoot their mailing list config

Web stats/Top 50 page

  • no stats updating this week; other sysadmin projects are blocking getting it fixed

Staging server migration

  • no updates

handling low-level sysadmin tasks

  • things like stats processing, cvs cleanup, are time-critical but low-level tasks
  • in general, we should figure out how to handle these types of tasks so they don't eat up our sysadmin's time

open feedback requests - cvs management

  • gjm will get the server setup so we can have a "cvs admin" and setup silfreed w/ the privs

handling feedback mails

  • there's still an open bug for integrating feedback list and bugzilla
  • silfreed will join the feedback list to do manual bug filing for sysadmin tasks for now
  • update the feedback page to recommend filing bugs for common PO tasks (cvs cleanup, mailing list fixes, etc)

Next meeting June 3rd, 2008 @ 15:00 UTC in #mozdev

Mozdev status update W20-2008

I didn't end up doing much planning for OSCON or the Firefox Summit last week; it might be difficult to finalize some of those plans since David will be gone this week, but I should at least apply for my Passport.
The sponsor work is mostly complete, so I'm going to refocus on trying to get Mercurial in production. The major tasks for that include integrating the new VCSlog table with other activity checking and rss feeds, styling the hgweb interface (adding mozdev-header, possibly removing some unused features like owner/description), updating our recent CVS/VCS viewer to use the database tables, figuring out how to handle our /source.html pages that all statically reference CVS instructions, and writing documentation for everything. It's mostly a lot of small tasks that together will probably eat up a lot of time.

Mozdev status update W19-2008

This week I'd like to finalize plans for OSCON, I need to do some work for Mozdev's sponsors, and I'll continue working on getting Mercurial setup as an option for projects.

Mozdev status update for W18-2008

I ended up spending a large part of last week fixing some architectural problems I created with the ProjectVCS/VCS classes and debugging some test cases, but overall the admin page for selecting a project's current VCS and initializing a repository is ready (announcement coming soon asking for beta testers).

Other tasks last week included fixing the Drupal spam module so it notifies the project owner rather than Mozdev admins and cleaning up the change password form to reduce the number of warnings.

This week I plan on getting logging of Mercurial commits into our VCS database log and figuring out how to best publish the new settings for projects that use a different VCS.

Mozdev status update W17-2008

  • Working on admin interface for new VCS' (bug#18960, bug#18958)
  • Cleaned up spam comments from recent spam attack
  • Disabled several forms that could be used for spamming
  • Researching proper mime type for .rdf files - Determined that application/rdf+xml is the proper mime type for update.rdf and install.rdf files despite finding other documentation that text/xml is all that's supported (thanks Mossop!)
  • Fixed password reset/change forms

I didn't quite get as much done last week as I had hoped so I'm still working on getting the admin interface for making VCS changes finished.

Mozdev status update W16-2008

Much of last week was spent getting a test web interface setup for Mercurial. We also had a spam attack on our old notes system that required us to disable the script shortly after it was re-enabled. We're still trying to cleanup from that problem but it should be resolved shortly.

This week I plan on continue working on setting up Mercurial and working on the tools needed for supporting it.

Mozdev status update W15-2008

This week I plan to continue working on getting a Mercurial setup on vebzom while testing out the update.rdf generation.

Mozdev status update W14-2008

Last week was mostly monopolized by testing/debugging after our Apache 2.2 and PHP 5 upgrade. There's still some bugs to iron out, but it appears that the main site and most project sites are running well.

Other tasks include:

I didn't quite get to writing out the plan for adding additional VCSes to due to the short week and testing/debugging of our new web stack. I plan on getting started on that this week but most of my attention is going to be focused on getting our new Apache/PHP setup stabilized.

Mozdev status update W13-2008

Last week's big event was the launch of secure installs with our project overview page. In only 5 days we already have 27% (119/440) of our extensions registered with our system. Unfortunately we only have 9% of the registered files setup to enable secure downloads (ie, they have verified their file hash) - we'll have to figure out if this is a problem with our tools or process or if it will just improve as new files are registered.

Other tasks touched this week include:

This week I'd like to finish up the update.rdf generation and begin working on the plan for setting up subversion at

Mozdev status update W12-2008

This week I hope to get the secure installation released to project owners and begin work on the secure update.rdf generation for projects. The high priority remains to try to help get server load handled during Firefox updates, but things seem to be progressing well on that front. Hopefully I'll be able to get a test subversion server setup soon and being work on integrating that into's architecture.