KeePassX XML Generator in PHP - Convert PWManager to KeePassX

I couldn't get KeePassX to import my PWManager files natively, so I needed a way to do this in a multi-step fashion (I want to use keepass format so I can have the same password program/database on my computer and G1).  The easiest appeared to be:

  1. Export from pwmanager as CSV
  2. Custom script to convert from CSV to keepassx XML format
  3. Import in keepassx

So this "step 2" was the problem.

I found a forum post on the keepass xml format, so the next step was writing something to convert it, and so we have the PHP KeePassX XML Generator.

Currently it's set up to convert the CSV file generated by pwmanager (entered on stdin, xml dumped on stdout).  But I created a set of classes that should be easy to use for generating a valid keepassx xml file.


[...] yet supported” when trying to import from PWManager) . Thankfully a former co-worker already scripted the conversion of an exported PWManager CSV password file to a KeePassX XML file, which can then be [...]

Espeso (visitor) says:
I really needed this and it worked great. For those who, like me, have no idea of php, this is what I did:

- Install php and php-pear-XML_Beautifier.
- Run this command:
$ cat file_cvs_pwm | php -f keepassx_export.php -- - > exported.xml
Btw, the link to the script was broken (a missing ":").

Thanks a lot.
Mars (visitor) says:
Open your .pwm file with PwManager. Go to Options|Configure|Files and change the *.pwm file compression setting to NONE and save the file again. Now KeePassX will have no problem importing your PwManager file. You don't need to do xml export.

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